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Contact Form

May you please fill out the contact form below to find out about availability. Once I can confirm a tour with you, I will send you a PayPal request for a 30 % deposit.

If you are already on the island :

You can WhatsApp me on (246)259-6906

It would be really best if you call me at (246)259-6906. Should I be on a tour please leave me a message with your local contact information: your name, name of accommodation and room number. I will give you a call the second I get a chance.

You can call me from your room phone. Please ask your reception for dial out number. Dial 259-6906 with no area code. If there is a charge it is generally a flat rate of less than $1 US. Incoming calls are free of charge.

Phone inquiries have priority over email inquiries simply because availability may change in between email correspondence

Thanks! Message sent.

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