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May you please fill out the contact form below to find out about availability. Once I can confirm a tour with you I will send you a PayPal request for a 30 % deposit.

If you are already on the island :

It would be really be best if you call me at 259-6906. Should I be on a tour please leave me a message with your local contact information: your name, name of accommodation and room number. I will give you a call the second I get a chance.

You can call me from your room phone. Please ask your reception for dial out number. Dial 259-6906 with no area code. If there is a charge it is generally a flat rate of less than $1 US. For Sandals guests out going calls are very expensive so please fill out the contact form. Incoming calls are free of charge.

Phone inquiries have priority over email inquiries simply because availability may change in between email correspondence



Website :

Email Address: 

USA phone number : (315) 636-4560

Barbados phone number and WhatsApp number: (246) 259-6906

*Please leave out area code if you are calling from a local phone

Should I not be able to answer, please leave a message and I will call you the second I get a chance.


If you are already on the island please call me from your room phone. Should I not be able to answer the phone please leave a voice message with the name of your accommodation and room number. Generally calls from hotels have a very reasonable flat rate charge. Please ask for dial out code and cost per call.

*All prices quoted are only for direct bookings.

Please add on a 35% commission if your hotel assists you in booking our tours.