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Departure time and place

I am located in Carlisle Bay.

Carlisle Bay is the location of the best turtle and wreck site that most recognized boats visit for their snorkeling tours.

Because it is the most popular sight it is crucial to avoid the site when it is full of tour boats. This is our specialty.

On our tours you will need to bring towels, sunblock, and cash payment for the tour.


$65 US
Turtles & Wrecks
2-3 hours

(not your typical splash and dash tour offered from the beach)

personal instruction

rum and / or juice
minimum 2 people


$400 US 

Turtles & Wrecks & Boat Ride

5  hours

Rum and / or juice


private...up to 6 people


$15 US 
 Snorkel Rental for Turtles
fins and flotation available at no additional charge
personal instruction

1 hour

Most economical way to see turtles without being on a packed  "splash and dash" tour that wants to end your tour as quickly as possible so they can pick up another load of people from the beach. 

Meet us in Carlisle Bay . Turtles are right off of the beach. I assure you practically anyone can swim this distance. I will teach you in the surf where you can stand up and practice rather than jump off a boat and learn to snorkel.

Freedom to swim the turtle site to see if there are any turtles in the area rather than being on a tour where you are instructed to stick with the group.  This is a huge bonus.