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1...  You can simply WhatsApp me at (246)259-6906 to call for a booking


2... If you are calling from a local phone please leave out the area code. Local calls from hotels are normally very affordable. You will need to find out if their is a dial out code and charges



3...Please send an email to with

your name 

your email

your phone number 

specifically which tour with cost of tour

which hotel or cruise ship

how many people 

travel dates and preferred date for a tour

Departure time and place

I am located in Carlisle Bay.

Carlisle Bay is the location of the best turtle and wreck site that most recognized boats visit for their snorkeling tours.

Because it is the most popular sight it is crucial to avoid the site when it is full of tour boats. This is our specialty.

On our tours you will need to bring towels, sunblock, and cash payment for the tour.

$15 US snorkel rental

$120 US 

Turtles, Wrecks, Free diving &

Underwater Photos

3-4 hours

Rum and / or juice

maximum 6 people

 snorkeling gear included

7 AM start

*should I not be able to get photos with the turtles,  the price will be $80 US per person. You will still be able to get photos on the shipwrecks 



$75 US 

Turtles, Wrecks & Free diving

(Photos on the shipwrecks)

3 hours

Rum and / or juice

maximum 8 people

 snorkeling gear included

7 AM start


Anchor 1
$400 US


Turtles & Wrecks

2 hours

maximum 10 people

snorkeling gear included

 12 PM start


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