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 A long list of tours to choose from..... either from your front desk, activities desk, tour rep, Facebook ads, Google Ads, flyer boxes, tour booths, beautiful websites or some other source that want up to a 50 % commission. 


*Why are my prices lower ? Direct bookings. I do not pay commissions.

*I live in Carlisle Bay  on my boat by the turtles and shipwrecks therefore I know the water conditions before I start my tours. If I think that the water conditions are not ideal for snorkeling I will let you know. No other tours would just inform you that the water conditions are affecting visibility. 

*Other boats that you can book from the beach offer turtle tours at any time, all day. You can not possibly get a proper turtle experience if you are doing a tour at any time. There are key times to visit the turtle site to avoid the massive crowds especially during cruise ship season.

​​* We guarantee mother nature excuses. There are anywhere between 0-5 turtles at the turtle site....2-4 turtles average. This is why it is important to avoid the crowds. Between 9 and 11 AM you can get anywhere between 50-150 snorkelers at the turtle site. One cruise ship catamaran can off load up to 70 people in the water at the turtle site. 

*On all of my tours I teach you how to put your gear on properly to avoid a foggy or leaking mask which is absolutely frustrating, and it should not be any part of your snorkeling experience. 

*  Choosing a tour boat that has less people is one thing. What you really want to know is how many snorkelers will be at the turtle site when your tour boat arrives. 

*  It is very much the norm to have 100-200 snorkelers with one or two turtles. We do not take part in this chaos.....therefore we DO NOT do tours between 9 and 11 AM at the turtle site.

* We actually teach you how to snorkel.... Learning to snorkel is not difficult. Learning to snorkel without personal instruction can lead to a frustrating experience. This is the norm on many tours.

*Non swimmers are welcome....we give you personal instruction.

*My small, beautiful and very friendly dog accompanies me on all of my tours

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