​​* We guarantee turtles...no mother nature excuses.


* We start our tours before all of the other boats arrive..... one behind the other.

*  Choosing a tour boat that has less people is one thing. What you really want to know is how many snorkelers will be at the turtle site when your tour boat arrives. That is the question to ask.

*  It is very much the norm to have 100-200 swimming with one or two turtles. We do not take part in this chaos.

* We actually teach you how to snorkel.... Learning to snorkel is not diffcult. Learning to snorkel  without  personal instruction can lead to a frustrating experience. This is the norm on many tours

*Non swimmers are welcome....we give you personal instruction.

*We do not pay commissions to hotels or cruise ships for your bookings. For this reason we only do direct bookings to keep our prices as low as possible.