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7: 00 AM start to be the first boat at the turtle site before all of the other boats arrive

We guarantee turtles. No mother nature excuses.

The focus on our tours is on showing you the turtles without the massive crowds.

Personal instruction with patience. Special attention for non swimmers and children.

​It is fine to choose a tour boat that has less people but what you really want to know is how many snorkelers will be at the turtle site when your  tour boat arrives. That is the question to ask ! If the answer is vague give us a call.

So the question is do you want to swim with turtles or do you want to swim with people ?

NO TURTLES.....NO Charge

$15 us 

Turtles & Rays

Snorkel Rental




With instruction

*very close to shore 


same turtle site that the most

popular tour boats visit in Carlisle Bay

$80 us


 Horses, Turtles & Wrecks & Underwater Photos


Maximum 8 people

3-4  hours


7:00 AM start to swim with the turtles before all of the popular tour boats arrive

$100 us

Horses, Turtles & Wrecks & Underwater Photos




3 hours

(same as $80 US tour)

need I say more ?!?

7: 00 AM at the turtle site to avoid the crowds from all of the popular boats that start between 9 AM and 11 AM

Please call us on our WhatsApp number or fill out our contact form for booking information.

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